Sunday, June 10, 2007

Week 2's Wrap Up!

WOW, what an exhausting weekend. I can't believe that tomorrow is already Monday. Jay and I left yesterday morning about 10:30 a.m. heading to his parents for the night. We arrived there about 1:00, we only stopped for a quick bite to eat. Lunch is where my struggle started... The only place to eat was McDonald's, I was very good, I had a Happy Meal with only 4 chicken nuggets, fries and diet coke. When we arrived at Nana and Papa's we attuned a small birthday party for one of the nephews, yeah, I know what your thinking, but stop, I was good, AGAIN!!! I only had a small piece of cake AND I forfeited the chocolate ice cream. So, birthday party winds down about 4:30p.m. and family reunion kicks up about 6:00 p.m. Thanks to Nana for baked chicken, green beans, corn on the cob and a small piece of bread. I did splurge and have some dessert, it was a chocolate chip, vanilla wafer, pudding - yummy, yummy, yummy dessert. And get this the label said "sugar free" - HA that was my ticket. I know that sugar free doesn't always mean low cal., but hey I was at a family reunion with IN-LAW distant relatives - give a girl a break!!!! (Sugar-free chocolate chip vanilla wafer, pudding - yummy was the strongest thing I could find - trust me, we looked) So, anyway, I've digressed again, that was that for meals on Saturday. I'm thinking Sunday is going to be a breeze, until I see Nana getting out the breakfast fixin's - powder-sugar covered donuts, cinnamon-sugar covered donuts, fried apple pies (from a local N. Ga. apple orchard) and sticky buns... GREAT I'm doomed. We leave the reunion location and go to the house where were to sleep - fast forward to Sunday AM. Jay and I decided that we'd skip Nana's version of breakfast and we went to Waffle House (I know, your thinking NOT MUCH BETTER, well give me a minute to explain) I opted for 1 single waffle with a little bit of butter and some syrup. I'm at the Waffle House and did not have bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs OR grits. Does a girl get a pat on the back??!?!? So we finish breakfast and head over to the reunion were lunch is served at 11:45 - Hello, do they not realize that I just ate breakfast at 10??? SO, I skipped lunch - fired chicken tenders - Nana had no sympathy on my diet today. Anyway, we visited for a while and then left there at 1:30 and headed home (ah, home sweet home). Came home took a little nap, grabbed Hubby and headed out for dinner, where I had "Hawaiian Chicken" and a baked potato with butter and 2 very small sliced of bread. I have enough left overs to have lunch tomorrow, woo hoo.

OK, now that I've bored you with my weekend let me get down to business - in spite of my weekend with Nana's menu and Waffle House I still lost 2 pounds this week. YAY!!!!!

I think I'll stick with the same goals this week (they need some perfecting):
  • 48 ozs. of water a day;
  • gym 3 times and
  • 2 more pounds lost

Good Luck to all of you May Day Challenge girls for your Tuesday weigh in. I'll be checking up on you.


Emily Henderson said...

Yay! Way to go!!! I had to forgo the Grandma food on Saturday night and Sunday was rough! No fried fish or cinnamon rolls for me- just baked chicken and cheerios...I feel your pain. I didn't lose but I maintained and I think that's pretty good in light of the events!

Michele said...

Good job! it's all about life choices. With 3 kids McDonald's is sometimes our only choice so I get the kids meals too (don't like their salads). You're doing reat!