Monday, June 11, 2007


My friend Jodi tagged my with the Restaurant Meme in which you write down your 5 favorite places to eat and why you like them. Then you tag other people to do the same. So here are my Favorite Five, in no particular order:

  1. Amici Italian Cafe: this is a quaint little local restaurant. Jay and I like to go here for special occasions. We typically get 10 honey hot wings which are to die for and then a large pizza 1/2 meat lovers for Jay and 1/2 with ham and pineapple for me. Sometimes I get the fettuccine, the sauce is "home made" and is it great. None of their food is great for the diet, but that's why they are only for special occasions.
  2. El Charro: is a local Mexican restaurant. This is our usual Sunday night stop. It doesn't need much explanation. I love their chimichangas.
  3. Chop House: is another local one. It's kind of like an Applebees. They have steak, burgers, chicken, pasta... We actually ate there yesterday. I had the Hawaiian chicken and Jay had grilled pork chops, yum.
  4. Longhorn: We frequent the local branch about once a month.
  5. Nagoya: is our local Japanese restaurant. It is so good. We usually go there on our anniversary (which is not until September). I usually get the chicken and shrimp with fried rice, of course.

This wraps up my version of the meme. I'm supposed to tag some friends, but think most everyone has done this one. If you've not participated and would like to, please feel free, but leave me a comment and let me know that you've played along, so I can check out your favorite places.

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jodi said...

I wanted to list Amici's and The Chop House too! They are both soooo good!!!