Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rain, Rain please come to stay!!

There was a great rain shower at our house tonight. It rained steady for about 30 minutes or so with very little thunder and lightening. After the rain had just about quiet Jay noticed a deer trying to cross the street in front of our house. I kept trying to get her picture, but every time she would get close to the street a car would come and scare her back into the woods. When she finally get into the road and was about to cross, my camera dies, errr!! While I went to find new batteries, the deer just wondered down our side-yard and into our back yard to the pear and apple trees. There she had a feast. Finally, her friend arrived and they had a little apple-pear party.

"Just takin' it in. (looking for that crazy dog that lives inside the fence)"

"I found some over here."

"Eatin' mindin' my own business, still being ever mindful of that stupid barking dog that lives just inside the fence"

As a side note I will tell you that the deer nor the dog were ever in any harm. The dog lives on one side of the fence and the deer think he's crazy. He stands as close to the fence as possible and barks the biggest, meanest bark he has and the deer just look at him. He gets no respect, poor guy. Jackson, the dog, was no where to be seen in these photos, because it was thundering and he doesn't like thunder, these deer could have been inside his pen - he was not coming out of his "house" (dog house that is).
Hope you enjoy the pictures and hope that you got some much needed rain at your house.

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