Sunday, October 19, 2008

3 of 4 ~ Sunday, October 19

Well, I 've made it thru 2 whole weeks with Jay working out of town. He just left for week 3 and we are hoping week 4, next week, will only be until Wednesday!! I don't know how you wives who have husbands who work out of town do it. Kudos to you!!! I would HATE for Jay to be gone every week and for now at least he's coming home on weekends. The first week he didn't come home until Friday and last week he came home on Thursday night, so I at least had an extra night of snuggling with him.

That's all I have for tonight. I'm headed off to get myself ready for the week ahead. I hope each of you has a wonderful week.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Random ~ Tuesday, October 7th

This has been a wonderful yet weird week... As most of you know I went to work for a local school system and we follow a "balanced" calendar. This means that we only get like 6 weeks of summer, but we get these awesome week long breaks periodically throughout the year. Well, this week just happens to be one of the breaks! yippee!! However, the phone call that I received from Jay last Thursday didn't lend to this being a great week. Now don't get me wrong it wasn't that we had some grand plans that were canceled or anything, but Jay called last Thursday to say that starting this week they'd be working out of town. Yep, he left Sunday night about 8pm and will not be back until Friday about 8pm. Now for those of you who know me really well you know that I'm very needy and I wasn't sure how I'd handle Jay being gone for an entire week, but so far so good. The first night was a little unnerving, but last night was much better... I spent Monday cleaning the house and today I had to run to the doctor to have blood drawn to check my thyroid levels so I just decided to make a day of it. I spent most of the day shopping. The only thing that I bought was one little ole pair of blue jeans! Yay me for showing some control!!!

Anywho, when I got home from shopping I went outside to walk the dog and I noticed that one of my favorite bushes had started to bloom. I thought I'd share a few pictures with you:

Now this is one end of our house. I took this picture so that you could see how big these bushes are -- I know what you're saying "It's not that big of a deal -- yeah, it's taller than the house, but so what" yep, that's what you thought wasn't it?!?!? WELL, these bushes are cut down every year at the beginning of summer! Yep, they grow that tall in just a few months. I can't wait until they are in full bloom. I'll keep you posted. You'll notice that there is one on each end of the house and there is a crazy over-grown crepe myrtle in the middle.

I just had to share one more with you...