Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday

Today I'm stepping out of the box again and joining Annie for Time Travel Tuesday. Each week Annie gives us a new topic to reminisce about. Today's topic is our Wedding Day.
Here are Annie's instructions...
Okay girls, what are your memories from your wedding day? Were you nervous? Do you remember walking down the aisle? What about the rehearsal dinner, anything special happen that night?

The most vivid memory from our wedding experience was a conversation that I had with my Father-in-Law. This was not long after we were engaged we were discussing the plans and the fact that we'd set a date, blah, blah, blah. I asked my Mother-in-Law what she thought about the rehearsal dinner. She replied that she thought we should just have it at the Blue Willow Inn, it's close to the church and it's always such a treat, she said. I said that's fine. My FIL pipes up and says that sure is going to be expensive, I was thinking about having the Varsity cater it. (OK, I feel compelled to stop here and explain the Varsity to those of you who are not from the South. The Varsity is a 60's style diner that serves some of the best and most likely the greasiest food around, it's a legend in this part of the South) To which I promptly replied that's fine too, as long as we can have Frosted Oranges (more explanation, these are kind of like milk shakes, only better - I could not find a picture of one, just trust me)... We laughed and nothing else was every said about it, we booked the Blue Willow Inn and that was that. Well the night of our rehearsal dinner we are about 1/2 way through our dinner (at the Blue Willow) and I notice that there was a ruckus and my MIL was at the center (NOT Good - never trust that woman) I then realize that MIL and FIL had paid (dearly I'm sure) for the Varsity to bring Frosted Oranges (the closest Varsity to our town is 45 minutes away) for everyone in our wedding party, along with the paper hats that the workers wear. It was too much fun and we still laugh about it to this day. That dear friends is the funniest wedding memory I have.
On to the Wedding Story -

Jay and I were married on September 14, 2002 at 6p.m. And I must admit that by the time Wedding Day came around I was just ready for it to come and go, we'd been planning and waiting and deciding for a YEAR, enough was enough. I got up that morning, had Jay's wedding present delivered to OUR house (a recliner that he still loves), showered and was at the church by 2p.m. for hair and makeup. Pictures were to start at 4p.m. Oops, I wasn't dressed and my hair wasn't finished, but in an effort to stay on schedule the photographer just took the guys and did their pictures first, all was well. Now fast forward a couple of hours it's 5:50 everyone is seated and the wedding party starts their entrance THEN I finally got nervous, why you might asked, well I realized that everyone was gone and I was closed in a little room ALL ALONE awaiting my BIG entrance.

Alas it was my turn...

From here forward it is kind of a blur, but the pictures say it looked something like this...

then this


Now, just for good measure here's the whole gang

And after all that, there was still music, dancin', eatin', cuttin' the cake

and the get away car (thank goodness it was a rental)

And there you have it, my Wedding Day in a nut shell.

We'll celebrate our 5th Anniversary this September!!!


annie said...

That rehearsal dinner story is precious! I have a rehearsal dinner story too, not so sweet ;o)... my MIL told me I invited too many people (I only invited the wedding party and their guest. I wasn't used to such a direct person so it really hurt my feelings. I have learned to love my MIL and appreciate her directness because I never guess her thoughts. You were a beautiful bride!
Thanks for sharing your story.
My Life as Annie!

Joyful Days said...

That is beautiful and fun!! Lovely, lovely pictures.

How neat!!

Jess said...

Don't tell me that it's been FIVE years!!! Seems like yesterday!
It was a pretty wedding. :)

Renee's Ramblings said...

Lovely pictures! Sounds like a wonderful wedding! Thanks for sharing.

jodi said...

Want to know what I remember? Trying to find something to wear to your wedding, since I was pregnant with Savannah! :)

I do remember it was beautiful, too!