Friday, July 20, 2007

Fit4Life Friday - Week 4

Tis Friday Again...

Week 4 Stats:
Starting weight: 175 lbs.
Current Weight: 164.2lbs.
Weekly change: -1.2lbs.
Total loss: 10.8lbs.
Goal weight: 145 lbs.

Here are my week 3 goals and a review of how they worked out:

Weight Loss Goals:
Loss 2 pounds (did not quite make the 2 lb. mark)
Journal food intake and count points - (100%)
GYM - go there (well, we went one day and I walked 1.5 miles on the treadmill)
Water - drink some (48oz. would be good) (did not go so well)

Better Me Goals:
Continue daily devotions (yay, everyday)
Continue with NEW budget (not so motivated)
Focus on finding a new job (applied for 5 jobs, still waiting to hear back)

Week 4's Goals will be:

Weight Loss Goals:

  • Loss 2 lbs. (this doesn't seem like much, but I'm having a hard time resisting food while I'm at home ALL day, with little to do)
  • Gym - 3 times - NO EXCUSES
  • Water - drink MORE

Better Me Goals:

  • This week it is all about a JOB... my severance package runs out July 31 - that means no more paycheck and no more insurance

Wish me luck! I hope you all have a great and healthy weekend!

Thanks to Deedra for hosting Fit4Life Fridays!!


Emily Henderson said...

You amaze me by loseing even when everything is so rocky and uncertain! Way to go!! I'm stopping by your gym on the way home and trying it out; I went by yesterday and I think I like it...HOORAY!

jodi said...

Great job Michelle, keeping up with your goals and devotions, etc. during the changes you have going on. God will bless your obedience!

Dawn said...

Don't be too disappointed that you didn't lose the two pounds, as long as you lost something. I'm having a hard time on the exercising, too. Good luck this week on getting to the gym.

NspiredByFaith said...

Great job on the weight loss this week! I know firsthand how hard it is to go from working all day to being at home all day,..and how hard it is to resist the "i'm bored, lets eat" mentality! You are doing great! Good luck on the job search, I'm praying that you find a job you will absolutely love very soon!

Have a great weekend!

Ella said...

You have great goals and I am sure you will accomplish every one of them. Good luck with the jobhunting, I know God will give you the right job at the right time.

Have a great weekend.

Michele said...

Great job, Michelle! I'll be praying fo the perfect job for you.