Friday, July 13, 2007

Fit4Life Friday - Week 3

Happy Fit4Life Friday!!! Well this week has been a bust. After losing my job on Monday the week went down hill.

Week 3 Stats:
Starting weight: 175 lbs.
Current Weight: 165.4lbs.
Weekly change: -1.2lbs.
Total loss: 9.6lbs.
Goal weight: 145 lbs.

Somehow, I did loss 1.2 pounds, but that was the only weight loss goal that I even came close to meeting.

My "Better Me Goals" rounded out like this, devotions have been much easier, nightly chores have become daily chores and budgeting has become more important than ever. Let's just write off last week and start new right now!!!

Weight Loss Goals:
  • Loss 2 pounds
  • Journal food intake and count points
  • GYM - go there
  • Water - drink some (48oz. would be good)

Better Me Goals:

  • Continue daily devotions
  • Continue with NEW budget
  • Focus on finding a new job

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend...

Fit4Life Friday is hosted each week by Nspired By Faith go check her out.


Emily Henderson said...

I'm glad you still lost- I would have completely blown off the week- you clearly have more self control than me in some aspects LOL! I hope you have fun tonight; I'll send you an e-mail as soon as I get the phone number for you!

NspiredByFaith said...

You did great! I agree with Emily, I would have completely blown it after the week you've had! So don't be too hard on yourself! You're doing terrific!
Good luck with your goals this week, and good luck with finding a job you love!


Dawn said...

I think you've done great despite having a bad week. As long as there's a loss or staying the same each week don't feel bad. Sorry to hear about your job loss. Just think, now you'll have more time for you. Take advantage of it while it lasts. You deserve to have time for yourself.