Friday, February 8, 2008

A Memory Verse and A Budget!

"The way of a fool is right in his own eye, but a wise man is he who listens to counsel."
Probverbs 12:15
Several weeks ago I mentioned that I would be taking a Crown Financial class through my church, but bloggy friends, I had no idea what I was in for. I really should get some type of degree out of this class. Let me fill you in, if you've taken the class you can give me a big ole AMEN. Each week there is a memory verse ~ great, how hard could it be to remember and recite a Bible verse each week. OH, did I mention that this is a 10 week course and that each week you have to re-recite the verses from the previous weeks... People I only have SO much brain space. So, I'm on week #4. No really sure how in the heck I'm going to remember ALL 10!!! And if that's not bad enough, for the last couple of weeks we've been tracking EVERY penny that we spend, do you know how hard that is and also, how realistic it makes wasting money. Ugh, it's been a real reality check for me. Then last week to add insult to injury we had to write out ALL of our debt and a re-payment plan. Talk about another SLAP in the FACE. So, needless to say God had really been working on me the past few weeks about being a good steward, which it's become VERY VERY obvious that I'm NOT. So, please pray for me over the next couple of weeks as be begin to work on a budget and face the ugly facts of how we'll get out of debt and stay out of debt. And all joking aside I really do recomend this class to anyone who doesn't have a budget or who wants to know what the Bible says about money and our use of it. If your church doesn't offer a Crown ministry, my friend Jodi is a certified counselor for Crown and I'm sure she'd be willing to help you.


Emily said...

wow! sounds like some rough reality. I would really like to take a finance class but now I'm contemplating getting a 2nd job to get us out of debt!!! No time for classes here.

Hope all is well with y'all. I'll be working at my church for the next few weeks each Sunday before worship so I don't think we'll be visiting y'all any time soon. Rion and I have "offered" to buy the remains from the church's last yard sale in hopes that we can resell it in the antique mall for a profit. So now I'm back to packing and moving...hooray!!

Ok, this is entirely too long. Love ya, miss ya!

jodi said...

I'm so proud of you and Jay! It is very hard to look at areas of our lives that may be undisciplined, but you will both be so rewarded! Keep up the great work! :)