Monday, September 24, 2007

Only the Highlights and a Menu!!

Life has been crazy around here this past week and I couldn't find 5 minutes to spend with my own blog. I've been reading everyone else's, but couldn't find the energy to put the words into sentences to make a coherent post. SO here's my best shot:

Last week I started 2 new Bible studies, both for women ONLY, yay! The one on Tuesday nights is called Women of Wisdom, last week we discussed all of the issues we have as women and why we have them. Throughout this study we are going to examine the Proverbs 31 wife and many of the other Godly women of the Bible all in an attempt to be better women for God, but also our husbands, families and ourselves. We are going to focus on Biblical applications to everyday problems or issues!!!!!

The Thursday night Bible Study will only meet once a month and it's topic is being a better WIFE. We all want to know how to be a submissive wife in this day and age. Our Sunday School class is all young married couples (well, a few have children) and all the girls in the class felt that we could grow and learn from some of the elder women in our church so we have 4 or 5 older women coming to mentor us and help us be better wives. Man I'm going to be SO good Jay's not going to know what to do... HA HA HA HA

Saturday Jay and I spend a couple of hours with his sister and her family, they had their 4th baby on September 13th. Yeah, the good Aunt would have pictures, but I was too busy holding Baby Janna to take pictures of her :) Maybe my sweet SIL will email me some pictures that I can share.

Then when we were done their we came home to check on our little angel (pictures another day, I promise) and after about an hour headed out again for dinner with 2 other couples from our Sunday School class. We didn't get in bed until after mid-night. We had to get up by 7:15 Sunday AM to be at church on time... I was SOOOO tired. Usually I would come home and take a nice long nap on Sunday, but I helped a friend give a baby shower for another friend of ours, I left there and went straight back to Sunday evening church and OF COURSE out to eat after church, so it was 11:15 or so before we hit the bed last night. Needless to say neither of us wanted to get up this morning.

OK, that wraps up the last week. I'm going to give you our dinner plan and a prayer request and it's off to bed.

I know this is an old banner, but I didn't have the cute new one downloaded at home and I'm just too tired to download it tonight.

Monday ~ we had breakfast

Tuesday ~ OYO (on your on) I have Bible Study

Wednesday ~ Grilled chicken / veggies / rice (this is a carry over from last week)

Thursday ~ I'll grab something quick / Jay and Elliott are fixing Jay's truck

Friday ~ Pizza / Salad

Saturday ~ Football Party at our house / We'll be grillin' hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixin's

Sunday ~ Eat out

That's it for us this week, for some original and yummy ideas head over to Laura's!

OK now for my prayer request and bare with me, I'm not really ready to give out all of the details yet, but they will come.

I'd like to request prayer that Jay and I will follow the Lord's plan for our lives. As most of you know I've had some unfortunate luck over the last 6 months with employment and I started to work about 6 weeks ago with a new attorney and really am enjoying my job, but I was approached about 2 weeks ago with an opportunity that is really tugging at my heart. It's a different type of job, would be a sizable (like $10-12,000) pay cut, offers no benefits (no health insurance or retirement), but is within 10 miles of my home and less hours per week. All this being said, please pray that Jay and I will listen to God, get in our Bibles and most of all be OBEDIENT to God's will. There are SO many good things (pros) that I can find about this opportunity and I'm really torn on the pay cut. I'd like some of you to chime in with your advise.


Jess said...

Wow! You have had a full plate this weekend, huh!
Sounds like a lot of good stuff going on though.
I LOVE my women's bible study night - wouldn't trade it for a thing! Enjoy both of yours!
And, as far as the prospective job. You've already got the idea. Follow your heart. That's all you can do. But, we'll be praying for you both. :) Good luck!

Emily said...

Geez, why don't you add something else on your plate, you have waaaaayyyy too much free time : ) I'm looking forward to coming tonight!

Michele said...

Sounds like you are having fun! I remember a long time ago making a similar decision. I chose the lower paying job because I felt that is where God was calling me. Sounds like you might be saving in some areas so comsider that. There usually isn't enough money that can take the place of time with your family!

Your bible studies sound so good. You are seeking God that is for sure!

jodi said...

I'll be praying!!!

Amy said...

Hope you and Jay get complete peace with the decision you make. Keep us updated!

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