Monday, September 22, 2008


Yep, that's what life's been like for oh the last 6 weeks! As many of you might remember I started a new job at the end of July -- I'm happy to report that I love my new job. The pay isn't great, but I get teachers retirement and all the perks of working for the Government! I started out working with the guidance counselors, but about 3 or 4 weeks ago was moved to the front office. I was sure that I would hate it there, but it's turned out the be a very nice location. I actually have my own desk and my own space which I didn't have in the counseling office. I've learned tons about the school and what makes it tick...

In other news, you might remember me mentioning that we had also started going to a new church. Well, when we first started attending this church I agreed to be co-director of the preschool department, but about 6 weeks ago the girl who what the other 1/2 of the co-directing decided that she needed to take a little break. SO, that left me as the director which was fine. The other girl didn't leave the church or anything, but because of some family stuff she just needed to be less relied on, which again is fine. I'm so excited that she is still helping me from behind the senses. The last 2 weeks I've been trying to get motivated to compile a budget for 2009. YUCK!! I'm a finance person, but doing the research and trying to decide what we will need for the entire year of 2009 is just out of reach. I've started the process, but man it's no fun.

On top of all of this... we are still trying to get pregnant. This month I did get a couple of positive signs. NO not those kind of positive signs, but as least some sign to make me believe that the medication that I'm on is now working!! One small step at a time. I'll keep you posted on this as new developments come along.

There you have the Henderson's in a nutshell... Nothing really exciting going on here -- truly just life.

I hope each of you are having a great month. I promise I'll try to post more.


Michele said...

Is it just me but I don't see a date on your posts? I have been right where you are concerning preschool. I know we met that day for alittle bit but I can help with the budget if you need it. What church did you end up at?

Emily said...

We like positive signs...please, please, please keep us informed (even if you don't keep the rest of the internet up to date!) Y'all are always on our prayer list- we just know you're gonna be great parents when God's ready for you to be!